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Champaign, Illinois

DLNZ Productions

Derek “D-Linz” Linzy


Derek began his professional recording and music Production career back in 2002 and has not looked back since. “I say professionally because it was the first time I was actually making a living off of what was just deemed as a hobby at the time. Most of it was just recording and producing demos for up and coming local musicians in my hometown of Champaign, Illinois with my younger brother” in short we were just having some fun with it.”

Over a 14 year span to the present day, that “Fun” has led Derek to have been gracious enough to have worked with Music Legend Prince(Audio Engineer at Paisley Park Studios 2013) Coolio (Music Producer) The Oxygen Channel (Music composer for “Coolio’s Rules” in 2008) Chuck D of Public Enemy, and many others as well.

On working with Prince “Working with Prince was perhaps the biggest career high thus far. Staying around for as long as I did with him Recording, Editing and mixing unreleased studio tracks with him and his touring group 3 Eye Girl was a phenomenal experience.

More than anything you learn a lot working with him and he seems to teach you without really teaching you. Being around such a musical genius in their element, and dealing with the constant pressure and demand of making his recordings sound great, always seems to elevate your game on so many levels professionally.”

Contact info

Derek Linzy

DLNZ Productions

Email:[email protected]